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The Invisibles are back in Het Gebouw, Ammerstol

On October the 2nd 2016 The Invisibles will be performing in Het Gebouw in Ammerstol. Cultureel Café Ammerstol, in the amazing person of Jan Gouwens, invited us to open their new season in Het Gebouw with another unforgettable Vintage Offbeat Party. The restaurant (in...

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Our new photos are finally available!

So it finally happened. During one of those Amsterdam's days, rainy, grey, cold and uncomfortable, The Invisibles posed for a couple of hours for Onno van Middelkoop's cameras and this is the result. We are proud and emotional. We never expected to look so good and to...

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Onno van Middelkoop is The Invisibles’ official photographer

Allround photographer and freelance journalist for newspapers, publishers, books, websites, magazines and private works, Onno has a huge background as a professional, having worked for some of the biggest companies and publishers in the country (KPN, Education...

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The Invisibles Live in Het Gebouw, Ammerstol

On April the 17th 2016 The Invisibles will be performing in Het Gebouw in Ammerstol. The restaurant (in Dutch "eetcafé") is gonna throw a huge party on that Sunday afternoon from 16:00 till 18:00 and The Invisibles are gonna blast the audience with their Vintage...

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The Invisibles Live at the Italian Festival “Ciao Tongeren”

For the second time The Invisibles have been asked to be the headliner on Sunday April the 3rd at the 2016 edition of the Italian Festival Ciao Tongeren, in the stunning main square of one of the most ancient and beautiful Belgian towns, Tongeren. The Invisibles will...

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The Invisibles got featured on Talking Heads Official FB page

Last January the 2d, after having posted a few days before on Talking Heads Heaven (closed FB group dedicated to the legendary rock-new wave band) the YouTube link to our version of Once in a Lifetime, we've been contacted by one of the moderators, Frank Veldkamp, who...

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