The Invisibles Online Store

Yes, and you do not have to line up anymore!


Ladies and Gentlemen, gather around, come and see the new attraction in town! Yes, we’re open! The Invisibles Store is your source for all your Invisibles stuff, like music albums, DVDs, merchandise, live show tickets and much more. Here you will find what you will never find in any “real” place all around the globe about the band and their alternative universe. Yes, because this is like drinking from the stream, like getting to know what’s new even before it gets out to the public! And on purpose we’re gonna place here items which will not be available in stores, just to keep you hot and ready for the coolest stuff you can listen to, wear, take around with you or even eat, drink or just enjoy somehow! So stick around, don’t let go and…

Get the boy (or the girl) what they want!

Discover the last items of The Invisibles collection here!

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