All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor, 2014)

My Boy Lollipop Swing Ska Meghan Trainor version

When “My Boy Lollipop” broke through the charts in 1964, then it was the time when Ska became a worldwide phenomenon. And it only grew stronger through time. This is our first modern pop twist, a cover of Meghan Trainor’s super hit “All About That Bass”, inspired by Scott Bradley’s version within the Postmodern Jukebox project. Actually Jamaican music is a postmodern jukebox itself since its very beginning, so we are glad to step into this alternative world of pop music, just giving our humble contribution to that stream of genius and great fun. Skank on!

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All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor, Kevin Kadish)

Arrangement by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink
performed live by The Invisibles and published on 22-05-2015

Rumy Jansen, drums

Piero Bianculli, upright bass

Eugene Bakker, percussions

Freek Volkers, guitar

Alexander Broussard, keyboards

Bob van Rutte, trumpet

Robbert Tuinhof, alto sax

Gunter Weber, tenor sax

Gerben van Rijt, trombone

Doris van Iperen, lead vocals

Rosa Smit, lead vocals

Enrico Cioccolini Gotink, backing vocals

Audio recording, mixing and mastering by Freek Volkers
Video edit by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink