Delilah (Tom Jones)

Authentic Rude Boys Tom Jones' Murder Ballad version, feat. Antonio Sotera


Released in 1968, this powerful “murder ballad” earned to Tom Jones quite a lot of his popularity. Originally conceived in triple metre, we’ve straightened her up to normal quadruple and of course worked her out into our Skatalizer. So this is what she would have sounded like if it would have been conceived in Kingston Jamaica. The mighty Antonio Sotera and his accordion are the proper engraving to this massive dance cracker.


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Delilah (Les Reed, Barry Mason, Sylvan Whittingham)

Arrangement by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink
performed live by The Invisibles and published on 31-07-2015

Antonio Sotera, accordion

Rumy Jansen, drums

PIero Bianculli, upright bass

Eugene Bakker, percussions

Freek Volkers, guitar

Alexander Broussard, keyboards

Bob van Rutte, trumpet

Robbert Tuinhof, alto sax

Gunter Weber, tenor sax

Gerben van Rijt, trombone

Doris van Iperen, backing vocals

Rosa Smit, backing vocals

Enrico Cioccolini Gotink, lead vocals

Audio recording, mixing and mastering by Freek Volkers
Video edit by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink