Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper, 1983)

Original Jamaican Bluebeat Cyndi Lauper's version, feat. Arienne Groenewoud

Released in 1983, this song became Cyndi Lauper’s the first #1 hit in the US. The original is kind of melancholic and sad, while The Invisibles, thanks to the marvelous interpretation by Arienne Groenewoud and the vintage offbeat treatment in a bluebeat style (and in an unusual line up with no horns or percussions), turn it into a happy tune. A promise of unconditional and eternal love to all the ones who they care for! By the way, we’re talking about all of you, our dear Viewers… Enjoy and keep on following us!

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Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper, Rob Hyman)

Arrangement by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink
performed live by The Invisibles and published on 20-07-2015

Arienne Groenewoud, lead vocals

Robert Curiel, drums

Roland van der Velde, upright bass

Freek Volkers, guitar

Alexander Broussard, keyboards

Doris van Iperen, backing vocals

Rosa Smit, backing vocals

Audio recording, mixing and mastering by Freek Volkers
Video edit by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink