Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads, 1985)

Eastern Standard Time Skatalites Talking Heads' version

“A resigned, even joyful look at doom, at our deaths and at the apocalypse… (always looming, folks)” These are the words of David Byrne when talking about this song he wrote and published in 1985, included in the Little Creatures album. We are big fans of Talking Heads (and David Byrne of course) and our sweet Public will get very soon what we mean. Taking to Jamaica this masterpiece of pop-new wave-rock has been a deep pleasure, especially while hybridizing it together with the amazing theme from “Eastern Standard Time” by The Skatalites. Just to remind everyone, when still necessary, that everything is possible with Ska music.

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Road to Nowhere (David Byrne, 1985)

Arrangement by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink
performed live by The Invisibles and published on 17-10-2015

Rumy Jansen, drums

Roland van der Velde, upright bass

Eugene Bakker, percussions

Freek Volkers, guitar

Peter van der Vlies, keyboards

Martje de Roos, trumpet

Robbert Tuinhof, alto sax

Gunter Weber, tenor sax

Aad Leering, trombone

Doris van Iperen, backing vocals

Joyce Vastenhouw, backing vocals

Enrico Cioccolini Gotink, lead vocals

Audio recording, mixing and mastering by Freek Volkers
Video edit by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink
Filmed and recorded at ‘t Wapen van Wormer
special thanks to Percy Vinke for his friendship and support