Take Her To Jamaica ( Lord Messam & His Calypsonians, 1953)

Caribbean Rocksteady Lord Messam & His Calypsonians version

With this revamped version of Augustus “Lord” Messam’s traditional Jamaican Mento, The Invisibles open their YouTube Channel officially, with a project named after this song itself. Indeed, with should say “after this song HERSELF”. Songs are female, and like the lady in the text of this song performed originally by Lord Messam & His Calypsonians, The Invisibles take them to Jamaica, turning pop hits of the moment, pop classics of the last decades, all time classics and evergreens into offbeat little treasures, continuing the job that in the early 60s the original Ska artists in Jamaica started doing, inspiring hundreds of artists through time. So let’s take these ladies to Jamaica, this is just the beginning! Enjoy…

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Take Her To Jamaica (Lord Messam, 1953)

Arrangement by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink
performed live by The Invisibles and published on 17-10-2015

Rumy Jansen, drums

Kay Hasselbaink, upright bass

Eugene Bakker, percussions

Freek Volkers, guitar

Alexander Broussard, keyboards

Siebe Posthuma de Boer, trumpet

Robbert Tuinhof, alto sax

Gunter Weber, tenor sax

Aad Leering, trombone

Doris van Iperen, backing vocals

Enrico Cioccolini Gotink, lead vocals

Audio recording, mixing and mastering by Freek Volkers
Video edit by Enrico Cioccolini Gotink